Strictly Youth - Sunday School

Sunday School is one of our avenues for Christian Education. Held every Sunday, classes are designed to serve nursery through adult ages.

Our Sunday School offers approximately twenty-three classes that are taught by forty-two instructors; many classes having two instructors. The class curriculum includes special classes for new members to acquaint them with the basics of Christianity, church organization, polity and structure as well as a Family Enrichment Series.

The Family Enrichment Series offer courses in premarital counseling, Christian parenting, managing family finances, ministering to your mate, how to have a Christ centered relationship and various other topics designed to enhance interpersonal relationships.

The Mission of our Sunday School program is to provide the opportunity for youth and adults to acquire biblical knowledge and to enhance spiritual growth.

Our objectives include:

  • Defining the essentials of the Christian faith.
  • Helping Christians apply biblical lessons to their personal life.
  • Providing an atmosphere for fellowship, support and spiritual growth.
  • Helping Christians share their gifts, talents and interests with others.

New instructors are recruited, interviewed, and receive required training before assuming instructional responsibilities. Another requirement for new instructors is to be paired with experienced teachers for a transitional period.

The Sunday School sponsors Spring and Fall Open House sessions, which are designed to attract new participants (both students and volunteers) to the program. Our Sunday School closes each year in June (in conjunction with the closing of the Franklin High School). At this time an elaborate closing ceremony is enjoyed by the First Baptist congregation, students are awarded promotion certificates and the staff is recognized for their service and dedication. Sunday School reconvenes in September. We are excited about what our Sunday School has accomplished and look forward to sharing our growth with all new members.