Strictly Youth - Pulse Special Groups

The Pulse – Coming in 2010 – A new Youth Ministry for teens …

The Pulse is the beat of the heart, the heart of the community it pumps love and emotions to the right spot allowing youth to realize their greatest hopes, dreams and desires. It is for youth who are ready to live for God. Watch The Pulse video on Facebook

The 600 Project

The 600 Project is a leadership program of First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens’ JAM Youth Ministries. It is a program designed for students in Jr. High and High School (7th-12th grade). With over 600 youth as members of First Baptist Church, strong leadership is needed to reach this large number and the community at large. The 600 Projects’ mission is to develop a core group of young men and women to lead these 600+. The group is designed to develop its members into distinct, spiritually sound, and confident individuals prepared to lead and confront the victories and challenges of life using skillful and Godly wisdom.

*The 600 Project is a program that accepts members yearly by application only. For more information please contact Rev. Nyle Fort at


Impulse Performing Arts Ministry maintains a purpose of spreading the good news of Christ through the art of dance and drama, with a goal to contribute to the spiritual development of youth through the arts.
Grades: 8 - 12th
Where: FBC Lincoln Gardens - Choir Room
When: Tuesday’s 6:30pm
Group Leader: Michael Pinnix
Contact: 732-828-2009

Diamonds: Ladies of Royalty

The Diamonds Project is a mentoring program destined for girls ages (13-16). This project is to uplift and encourage young girls as well as bringing them into the loving arms of Christ. The goal is to lead young girls to victory and preparing them to become true women and leaders of Christ. Some of the topics that will be discussed are; self-image, confidence, renewing the mind and spirit, and other topics similar to these.

Jr. Ushers

Our Jr. Ushers are well trained greeters/ushers with a thorough knowledge of the techniques involved in ushering at church. In addition to ushering on 3rd Sundays in the Main Sanctuary, our Jr. Ushers maintain order and orchestrate movement during their own youth services.