We Help People Keep Their Home


“The mission of the Central Jersey Community Development Corporation is to rebuild communities, one family at a time by improving the social, educational, and economic conditions in targeted areas throughout the state of New Jersey.”

Central Jersey Community Development Corporation (CJCDC) formerly known as First Baptist Community Development Corporation (FBCDC) is one of New Jersey’s most comprehensive and holistically-run community development organizations.

Founded in 1992 as an expansion of First Baptist Church of Lincoln’s Gardens’ mission to improve its’ surrounding community, CJCDC has a long history of helping vulnerable neighborhoods in New Jersey transition from social and economically warped – zones to livable places that now project economic growth, sustainability, and empowerment of its residents.

CJCDC uses a Family Resource Model to help families move from unemployment to work, from tenant to homeowner and from debt to financial stability. CJCDC establishes meaningful relationships with families affected by changing social conditions, and events.

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